Exterior Foliage


Grassmasters works with a vast network of local South Florida nurseries to ensure that we locate out clientele the healthiest and best looking plants and trees. Our trained specialists will inspect every plant before its chosen to be taken to your property and our professional care takers will ensure that they are transplanted safely and properly. 

From Annuals to Zenobias.. & everything in between


We've got you covered. Anytime of the year we can locate, install and maintain a vast variety of landscaping flowers and shrubbery. 



Our trained and uniformed technicians will visit client’s facility on a regular schedule to service each plant. We strive to keep every plant as healthy and attractive as possible through a precise watering method, fertilizing, cleaning, and trimming. Our maintenance and guaranteed replacement program includes a full guarantee on all plants under contract. Any plant that begins to lose its vitality will be promptly replaced at no additional cost.  

Let us show you why we are Miami's Premier Commercial Landscaping Company